RF Investments is committed to enhance its business capabilities as an investment company, exploiting all elements of success in the investments market.

Property Interests

With continued pressure on government to address resettlement and establish sufficient affordable housing for the country, RF Investments views this sector as having significant potential to deliver rewards across a number of areas. The company has existing investments in this sector and will continue to explore opportunities at all levels.

Sizable investment in Zimbali Golf Estate
Farming in the Free State
Investments in Tourism in Mpumalanga

The Conclusion

RF Investments is a 100% BEE Partner that offers various elements. Help to meet the challenges of empowerment by giving you a trusted, experienced and financial empowerment sound empowerment partner, it also helps you in most of the 7 pillars of empowerment as our involvement can span from incredibly right to helping with skills development and transformation of your organization

We are entrepreneurial driven and hence new Greenfield opportunities will always be part of our investment strategy. We also commit to creating employment and quality for all through our investments.