RF Investments is committed to enhance its business capabilities as an investment company, exploiting all elements of success in the investments market.

The investment philosophy at RF Investments is to look at opportunities new or established where our expertise, financial, strength and overall experience can be a “helping-hand” to the business for growth, better profitability or improved sustainability.

As an active investment partner, RF Investments collaborates with its investment businesses to create and implement profit growth strategies that leverage its industry experience, strategic consulting skills and resources. This involvement may vary from pure consultation to full involvement, depending on the underlying investment businesses’ requirements and priorities.

RF investments also look at green field approach to invest where we identify the opportunity and we invest fully in setting up operations to execute on the opportunity identified

RF Investments is a valued partner to management teams and business owners. Its team provides management expertise, strategic advice, transformation programs, or facilitates growth initiatives.

Where necessary, the management at RF Investments will become fully engaged and assist in all business operations. Consequently, the company is selective in its choice of investments and bases its decisions on where its people can add the maximum value to extract further growth and development.