RF Investments is committed to enhance its business capabilities as an investment company, exploiting all elements of success in the investments market.

A South African Success Story

RF Investments was established in 2009 by ICT entrepreneur Lucky Khumalo. After gaining extensive experience at several highly respected local and multinational organizations, Lucky collaborated with his brother Nkosinathi Khumalo and partner Eben Klynsmith in 2000 to create Mthombo IT Services (M-IT) – one of the few black empowerment businesses focused on IT managed services and infrastructure support at the time.

M-IT grew from seven to 400 employees within five years and was self-funding within its first year of operation. The trio also formed intelligent – strategic alliances that rapidly catapulted the business into a 100% black owned South African ICT leader. These alliances included an investment affiliation with Dimension Data, an ISO9001:2000 certification and service partnerships with industry stalwarts such as HP, Compaq, Microsoft, and Fujitsu Siemens.

The company’s growth and success were recognized with several accolades, most notably in 2004 when M-IT was awarded the title of South Africa’s Top Black ICT Company by Forge Ahead and the Department of Commerce. In 2005 M-IT merged with the JSE-listed technology, outsourcing and consulting group EOH creating one strongest empowered ICT players that now employs over 3000 people and it has a turnover of more than R3billion annually. Lucky was appointed Deputy CEO. Subsequent to the merger, EOH Mthombo established the Mthombo Empowerment Trust. 32% of the total shareholding of the EOH group was distributed to black ownership, which resulted in true long-term realization of wealth and ownership for its shareholders and employees.

EOH continues to enjoy steady growth and outstanding financial performance and is recognised as one of the country’s Top five IT companies. Although Lucky remains a strategic Non-Executive Director of the Group, he left EOH in May 2010 to grow his investment and empowerment business interests through RF Investments.

RF Investments has within a short time established itself as a credible financial sound 100% black owned and managed diversified investment player with a sizable portfolio of investments. The organization invests into organizations that are true green field – such as Serengeti Beef entrepreneur and where we can add value through our vast experience

Sound Investment Solutions

RF Investments is a wholly black owned investment holding company based in South Africa. The company draws on its extensive financial backing, powerful team and strong accumulated knowledge to add strategic value to and enhance the transformation efforts of the businesses that it invests in. Excellent BEE credentials and a solid reputation of BEE success make RF Investments the investment partner of choice for businesses that seek a credible BEE partner to enhance their empowerment at various levels:

Shareholding, Executive Management, Operational Management

Within the two years of operation RF Scanning already has a multi-million rand diversified investment portfolio spread from ICT, Agriculture, Logistics, and Property both locally and international.

Its management team comprises highly experienced individuals who combine local expertise with a global perspective to deliver investment excellence. By maintaining the highest professional standards the company aims to generate consistent and superior returns for its investors and stakeholders. Through the careful selection of and active involvement in the businesses in which it invests, RF Investments becomes a valuable partner to those businesses by unlocking latent business potential and driving growth.

A Wealth Of Experience

RF Investments is capably run by a highly experienced Chairman, a Non- Executive Director supported by a Company Secretary and Investment Coordinator, who between them have aggregated experience of over 55 years.

The Khumalo brothers are celebrated South African businessmen with a strong IT and service-focused background who are passionate about starting, developing and investing in empowerment businesses with the potential to grow.

Investment Strategy

The investment philosophy at RF Investments is to look at opportunities new or established where our expertise, financial, strength and overall experience can be a “helping-hand” to the business for growth, better profitability or improved sustainability.

As an active investment partner, RF Investments collaborates with its investment businesses to create and implement profit growth strategies that leverage its industry experience, strategic consulting skills and resources. This involvement may vary from pure consultation to full involvement, depending on the underlying investment businesses’ requirements and priorities.

RF investments also look at green field approach to invest where we identify the opportunity and we invest fully in setting up operations to execute on the opportunity identified

RF Investments is a valued partner to management teams and business owners. Its team provides management expertise, strategic advice, transformation programs, or facilitates growth initiatives.

Where necessary, the management at RF Investments will become fully engaged and assist in all business operations. Consequently, the company is selective in its choice of investments and bases its decisions on where its people can add the maximum value to extract further growth and development.

Investment Guiding Principals

RF Investments is a prudent investor, preferring to avoid investments that do not meet its high standards, those that are not well articulated, or those with a level of risk deemed inappropriate.

The following are key components of the company’s successful investment strategy:

 – To promote and support a diversified investment portfolio within a select range of industries;

 – To invest in businesses that demonstrate potential for further growth or development;

 – To drive responsible resource development that creates economic and employment opportunities for South Africans;

 – To develop workable partnerships with individuals, businesses, communities and government that enhance learning, encourage self-reliance and foster prosperity;

 – To invest where RF Scanning can add value that has a growth potential for Shareholders